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Fixapain - Knee support

Fixapain - Knee support

Fixapain - Knee support

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Fixapain - Knee support
Improves mobility and confidence in your motions - Our 4-way strap design completely wraps your knee from every angle protecting it fully, still feeling like wearing a glove.

Easily stretches to your body's shape - Our 3D weaving technology adjust to your knee's form, reducing pain and lowering the risk of injury.

FixaPain knee support - 4 way stretch

Increases your Performance - With a 360° protection our knee support was created to withstand high impact sports and workouts.

FixaPain knee Support - 360 degrees support

Lets your skin breathe - Unique design thought to keep enough oxygen supply for the cells while active.

FixaPain knee Support - Breathable fabric

Relieves pain and protects your joints - It can be perfectly used for recovery of old injuries or to avoid getting one; Can be used to improve arthritis, to aid on post-surgery swelling, tendinitis, strains and/or sprains 

Fixapain knee Support - Mobility and Confidence


Material: 32% Spandex - 68% Nylon
Package: Includes One piece
Uses: Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Running, CrossFit, Physical Therapy, can be used on high and low impact activities.

FixaPain knee Support - Sizes

Instructions to order the correct size: With your leg straight, measure the circumference of your thigh at 5.9" (15cm) from the center of your knee cap, note down the number and use the above chart to know which size will fit.

*Our knee support was designed to add comfort and aid on any physical activities, you should always consult with a doctor if you have suffered any injuries, no claims are made that would override a medical professional's opinion.

What our costumers say!

I ordered them for my mother, she really liked it. Thank you for the knee brace.They arrived quickly also.

Keith Gray

Product matches exactly the description. The workmanship is very good. Decent processed seams and a fabric that feels comfortable against the skin.

Zachary Lopez

Super, from order to receipt only a few days. The product fully corresponds to the description. The circumference of the knee is 55 cm. I ordered XXL, it came perfectly. I recommend.

Simpson Matthew

Excellent. Posture Corrector in factory box. It includes Micro-USB cable. The condition is excellent. Works as it should. Suitable for sitting at work. The size of the straps is adjustable-suitable for both children and adults.

Evelyn Newman
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