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FixaPain - Smart Posture Corrector

FixaPain - Smart Posture Corrector

FixaPain - Smart Posture Corrector

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How do poor sitting positions affect your Health and Confidence? Do you suffer from Chronic Bad Posture?

In fact, many people do and whether they know it or not this could be affecting their health and be the reason for  many discomforts and aches that could easily be resolved!


Instead of fixing your posture alignment by force as traditional posture correctors do, our Smart Posture Corrector helps you develop a routine of keeping your back straight with gentle reminders that create good posture habits increasing your awareness of when you are slouching and putting pressure on your neck and spine.


Monitors your back alignment creating good posture habits - No external force exerted.

FixaPain Smart Posture Corrector - Monitors Back alignment

Lightweight high elasticity nylon corrector that can be worn comfortably under or over the clothing.

FixaPain Smart Posture Corrector - Lightweight

Helps eliminate neck and back discomfort from sitting with a hunched position.

FixaPain Smart Corrector - Relief from back and neck pain

One size fits all - Can be worn by adults or children.

Fixapain Smart Corrector - One Size fits all

Improves posture & reduces slouching immediately with easily adjustable dual strap design.

FixaPain Smart Corrector - Adjustable straps

Made with elastic breathable material

Fixapain Smart Corrector - Breathable straps

Charged battery can last up to 15 days - USB charging available
(Includes charging cord)

Fixapain smart corrector battery life



Weight: Approximately 8.5 oz (250gr)

Dimensions: 8.5" x 6.5" x 2"
(folded and including charging cord)

Sizes: Adjustable to most body sizes and types


A posture corrector is an aid to get you to have a healthy posture, in order to get the best long-lasting results you should accompany the use of our Smart Corrector with regular exercises to strengthen upper and lower back muscles. 

Adjust the straps

FixaPain Smart Posture Corrector - Adjust Straps

Press the ON/OFF Switch

FixaPain Smart Posture Corrector - Press the On switch

Hold a straight posture for 3 seconds
(The Smart Corrector will vibrate 3 times)

FixaPain Smart Posture Corrector - Keep straight Posture

When a 25¬į angle is detected the Smart Corrector will vibrate to¬†straighten posture

FixaPain Smart Posture Corrector - Reminder

What our costumers say!

I ordered them for my mother, she really liked it. Thank you for the knee brace.They arrived quickly also.

Keith Gray

Product matches exactly the description. The workmanship is very good. Decent processed seams and a fabric that feels comfortable against the skin.

Zachary Lopez

Super, from order to receipt only a few days. The product fully corresponds to the description. The circumference of the knee is 55 cm. I ordered XXL, it came perfectly. I recommend.

Simpson Matthew

Excellent. Posture Corrector in factory box. It includes Micro-USB cable. The condition is excellent. Works as it should. Suitable for sitting at work. The size of the straps is adjustable-suitable for both children and adults.

Evelyn Newman
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